About me

Hi, I’m Milla.

I’m a 23 year old queer nonbinary femme (she/they/fae) from the UK who loves to write, play games, get political and do whatever makes me happy.

I am currently residing in the UK, although my long term plan is to migrate out of this country for good. Whether that will be successful remains to be seen. Either way, I identify more as European than British.

As for my disabilities, I was diagnosed as autistic at a very young age and then with ADHD around five years later. I also am self-diagnosed with Tourettes.

I also realised I am transgender at the age of 20, and since I came out and transitioned, I’ve never been happier. I’m still learning how my gender identity has affected me over the years.

I made this blog in the hope I could share my experiences and perspectives as an autistic trans femme. I initially started out talking exclusively about autism but have since broadened out. I discuss:

  • Autism
  • Disability issues in general (ie. ableism and accessibility)
  • LGBTQ+ issues (specifically transgender issues)
  • navigating various facets of adulthood, including:
    • employment
    • housing
    • services
  • cross-cultural travel, communication
  • Video games
  • Abuse
  • Occasional political rambles
  • Whatever else comes to mind

All of these are things that are important to me for many different reasons.

I’m hoping this blog will inform others of the kinds of experience trans and/or autistic people have to deal with through sharing some of my experiences and explaining how these interact with the world from an intersectional feminist perspective.

My main interests – outside of this blog – include writing, geopolitics, travelling and video games, especially niche video games. All these may be talked about here. I would like to publish a book as well as do more reviews and recommendation posts, as well as possibly make video adaptations of some of my posts.

Here is a selfie of me, dated August 2020.

ID: Selfie of Milla, a femme with long, curly brown hair and bangs, She wears glasses and very feminine clothing. In this picture she is wearing a pink t shirt and red jumper. This selfie is from August 2020.

I’ve had this blog since July 2017 and am hoping to grow it more over the years. Hope you’ll follow along for the ride.

Best wishes,

Milla xx

P.S.: You can follow me on Twitter under the name @subtlykawaii.

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