Black Lives Matter (including resources & links)

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Major TW police brutality, racism, ableism, murder, white supremacy

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies again for the silence on here for a bit. My blog was on haitus due to my personal circumstances (which will be discussed another time).

That said, given the current climate that can not be ignored, I need to make something clear here given that not everyone who reads my blog follows my Twitter.

Black Lives Matter.

Systematic racism is not normal nor should it be tolerated.

The systematic murder of black people by the police and other government forces for existing is not OK.

We wouldn’t have LGBTQ+ rights without the black trans women that led the Stonewall riots all those years ago. And yes said riots were violent just as the current riots are.

Autistic black people are just group of black disabled people who are even more vulnerable to police brutality due to how systematic racism and ableism intersect.

Fuck fascism and all who enable it. If you are “anti-antifa” you are pro-fascism. Antifa isn’t an organisation, it is short for anti-fascism. Hence you out yourself as a fascist and a danger to minorities. Dismantling racism is key to atopping fascism. You can’t have one without the other.

You need to do your bit to show support especially if you are white. And that dosen’t mean a performative black square on social media and call it a day. Or posting #AllLivesMatter, “the cops aren’t that bad” and other dismissive nonsense.

It means:

– boost voices of black people especially those who are multiply marginalised

– hire black people and donate to their crowdfunders

– educating yourself on systematic racism and colonialism and how it persists to this day

(This ESPECIALLY applies to white British people in particular. Many current geopolitical conflicts (ie. Jammu and Kashmir) alongside racism in UK government policy (ie. Windrush, Brexit) are largely because white Brits haven’t took the time understand British history)

– attend protest marches where possible

– sign petitions and boost protest related content

– holding the racists in your personal life to account

Here are some resources to help you:

Links to BLM sites:

Petitions to sign:

Bail funds to donate to:

YouTube ad donation videos:

A 1 hour long YouTube video project where all ad revenue will go towards BLM causes for those who can’t donate themselves:

Note: You MUST turn off adblock and let the ads fully run to be effective.

For repeat watches only do so after watching 3-5 videos of differing lengths to stop it being marked as spam.

And here is a thread of other similar donation vids:

Resource for disabled people regarding protests:

UK specific anti-racism resources:

“Racism in the UK: What they didn’t teach us in school” instagram post with lots of starting points for research:

Black Lives Matter UK Reading List:

Another non-UK specific google drive resource with more black activism and history info:

If you play video games, here is a database of black devs to support:

If there’s any more things people would like me to add to this list, please leave a comment. I’ll make sure to add them 🙂

Once again, Black Lives Matter.

Fuck racism, fascism and white supremacy.

Human lives come above all else. Businesses can be rebuilt once lost but lives cannot.

Milla xx

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